Issues Migrating from.NET 1.0 to.NET 1.1 Mainstream support for.NET 1.0 ends 30 June 2007. For organisations migrating from.NET 1.0 to.NET 1.1, the following changes are for consideration:

This error occurs when the WSDL for a web service is being generated.Note that the error message includes two possible solutions. The first of these solutions which recommends changing the web methods message name using the WebMethodAttribute is undesirable as this will alter the WSDL contract and break existing consumers. The second of the two solutions, applying the XmlRoot attribute to the web methods return type, will resolve the error, however, this requires recompilation of existing web service assemblies.

This error does not affect the invocation of existing client proxies as they do not consume the WSDL at runtime. This issue will affect development activities when the WSDL is requested, for example, when re-generating client-side proxies using the Visual Studio Add / Update Web Reference feature.

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In order for the Activator.CreateInstance () method to create instances of a given type, the type must define a public default constructor. In.NET 1.0, the Activator does not raise an exception when creating instances of Arrays (which has a private default constructor), however, this issue has been fixed for.NET 1.1 and now raises a System.MissingMethodException (“No parameterless constructor defined for this object “) exception as expected.


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