Англійська мова. Твори, есе. Проблема бродячих собак / Stray dogs

Проблема бродячих собак / Stray dogs

Дискусійне есе “за і проти” з англійської мови на тему “Бродячі собаки”, “Що робити з бродячими собаками”, “Проблема бродячих тварин”, “Бродячітварини”, “Що потрібно робити з бродячими тваринами”.

The problem of stray animals in the streets is certainly something which is often discussed in today’s world. Statistically an animal is lost every 30 seconds. Thus, no one can deny the fact that it is very essential to decide if stray animals should be allowed living on the street. In my opinion, people should create special conditions for such animals and care for them more.

In the first place, it is my belief that it can’t be the animal’s fault that they are stray. Imagine you are lost and suddenly trapped in a cage, taken to a noisy, scary shelter. This can be very sad. According to my point of view, they are not so dangerous and aggressive. This can be clearly shown by the fact that most bites are from family pets or familiar dogs, not from strays. Aggression towards stray animals usually causes aggression. I firmly believe that stray and abandoned animals should be taken to special charity shelters, given food and care, cured and given to new owners. And putting such animals to sleep is out of question for me.

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On the other hand, there are a lot of people who don’t share this humanistic approach to stray animals. To begin with, opponents of protecting stray animals think that such animals cause injure or damage to people. Furthermore, these animals are sick and contagious. What is more, these people believe that there are too many unwanted pets and they should be euthanized.

a stray animal – бродяча тварина, the problem of stray animals – проблема бродячих тварин, statistically – статистично, to deny the fact – заперечувати факт, special conditions – особливі умови, fault – вина, to be trapped in a cage – бути спійманим в пастку, a shelter – притулок, aggressive – агресивний, a bite – укус, an abandoned animal – кинуте тварина, to cure – лікувати, an owner – господар, to put an animal to sleep – приспати тварину, humanistic approach to < / b> – гуманний підхід до, to cause injure – викликати пошкодження, contagious – заразний, to be euthanized – бути приспаним, an unwanted pet – небажаний вихованець

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